Mrs. Hakimi Speaks at UFP’s International Women’s Day Event on the Hill

March 27, 2014

Today, Mrs. Hakimi participated in a luncheon event in honor of International Women’d Day which took place in Congress. The event was organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and featured Congresswoman Karen Bass [ R-CA]; First Lady of the Republic of Namibia Madam Penehupifo Pohamba, Administrative Law Judge M. Lisa Buschmann, and President and CEO of Women’s Global Initiative Rev. Marcia L. Dyson.

Mrs. Hakimi spoke briefly about women’s political history in Afghanistan and shared some of her personal experience as an Afghan woman. She also spoke about her new role as President of the Muslim Women’s Association of Washington, D.C., which has successfully supported nearly 100 young Muslim women in the Greater Washington, DC, area pursue their higher education. Mrs. Hakimi and the rest of the featured speakers were awarded A UPF “Ambassador for Peace” Certificate for their advocacy efforts.